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  • Scheduling your priorities
    I didn’t want to write about this until I knew what I was doing. I still don’t, but I’m improving. For years, I’ve tried to form a good daily writing habit. There had been periods of time when I had written almost every single weekday for months, and then months when I have written nothing.Continue reading "Scheduling your priorities"
  • When writing is only about writing
    To be honest, I’d been stuck with my manuscript for months already. Recently, I wrote how I planned to practically start over from scratch. At the end, I decided to take a similar approach, go over it but not with editing eyes (I’ve edited those sentences so many times that I didn’t know if IContinue reading "When writing is only about writing"
  • Celebrating Christmas in the middle of the Heat
    When people think of Christmas, they usually imagine a Snowy postcard image, with Reindeers, snowmen, and people wearing winter clothes. However, this Holiday Season has been different in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The city where I live. We've experienced one of the worst droughts ever.
  • Delivering Happiness
    Well, it took me some time to write this post. I was kind of busy preparing my exit at my current job and readying for my new job. I will start in November working as Happiness Engineer for Automattic (the company behind and many other web solutions that seek to make the web aContinue reading "Delivering Happiness"
  • TED Talk: Why you will fail to have a career?
    Loved this talk! For all of you who still hadn’t found out your passion or know what is your passion but are too afraid to pursuit, then this is the talk for you! Actually, this is the talk for all the people who want to have a goal in life and achieve it! Professor LarryContinue reading "TED Talk: Why you will fail to have a career?"
  • 10 Things you should know when you first write a book
    When I started working on my first book, I had the following plan: I would finish the draft in four of five months at most I would make a thorough review of the first manuscript and in one single edition round I would correct everything that is wrong. My beta readers will read it in a coupleContinue reading "10 Things you should know when you first write a book"
  • The TED talk all women should see
    I try to start my workday with a TED talk. I wish I could say I do this daily, but sometimes I can’t. I usually do it when my work energy level is low or when I feel I need motivation to go with the work routine. Today I came across with “Why do ambitiousContinue reading "The TED talk all women should see"
  • Can you write comedy?
    The best moments when I read a book is when I find myself laughing due to the author’s wit and good sense of humor. As I hear my laugh echoing through the room where I read, without any apparent reason, I feel lucky to be enjoying something “secret” or “hidden” that people around me inContinue reading "Can you write comedy?"
  • Getting rid of the multi-tasking habits
    Last post When old habits are hard to abandon… I’m looking at you procrastination was eye opening. For some reason, I always believed that being “multi-tasker” was engraved in my system. I even felt proud of it. I could face many tasks at work or while writing without any problems. I even used as one ofContinue reading "Getting rid of the multi-tasking habits"
  • When old habits are hard to abandon… I’m looking at you Procrastination!
    Procrastination has been affecting my life since I can remember. Fortunately, these last couple of years, I’ve been suffering less of it or else I would’ve never achieved a novel’s first draft (it should be treated as an illness!). But I haven’t gone over it yet. I might now put a daily effort on myContinue reading "When old habits are hard to abandon… I’m looking at you Procrastination!"
  • Weirdness: Embracing it…
    I always describe myself as “weird”. People around me hear “bicho raro” an expression in Spanish that would mean something like “weird bug.” Some friends are fast to point out that I’m not weird but “unique”. I appreciate their good intetions, but I actually don’t feel bad about being weird. I love being weird. I embraceContinue reading "Weirdness: Embracing it…"
  • Knowing how NOT to write doesn’t mean knowing how to do it
    Although, I know a lot of what not to do when writing fiction, it doesn’t necessarily mean I know how to do it. As odd as it sounds, it happens. Realization came on me these days. I don’t know if this is a normal stage writers arrive to as they spend more time writing, but it’sContinue reading "Knowing how NOT to write doesn’t mean knowing how to do it"
  • It’s as simple as that: good writing matters a big deal
    It’s as simple as that: good writing matters a big deal. As I dig more into this writing career, I realize how much I still need to learn. I’ve always been for thrillers and mysteries. I’ve always loved fast-paced books with lots of action: books that I could see in my mind as the nextContinue reading "It’s as simple as that: good writing matters a big deal"
  • That strange feeling at the end of they year
    As the holidays are about to arrive and people start getting ready for the long holiday vacations, 2016 also strikes in. And of course, new year’s resolutions can be a common topic around this time. Many people here at my work are counting the days for the holidays to start. I’m not. Although, a restContinue reading "That strange feeling at the end of they year"
  • The new writing perspective
    I've fallen into the most frequent mistake most amateur writers do: hurrying up too much.
  • I don’t give up
    When you put so much hope into something, into a new career chance, it's very hard to accept that at the end you didn't get your chance.
  • Book review: Eats, Shoots & Leaves
    As I closed the last page of my book, I softly muttered “interesting” without even noticing.  My mother happened to be near me at that moment. She asked me “What did you just read?” I waved the book cover to her and answered “A book about punctuation.” She winced. I would have probably winced tooContinue reading "Book review: Eats, Shoots & Leaves"
  • Reading with writer’s eyes…
    Being a writer is not easy at all, being a reader who writes neither it is. Reading and Writing are my biggest passions. But as I try to merge them into one world, I realize the challenge increases. In order to write, you have to read. This is the most common advice you’ll receive fromContinue reading "Reading with writer’s eyes…"
  • How being a non-native English speaker can actually help me when writing in English…
    As you may have noticed (Although, I hope it wasn’t that obvious) English is not my native language. I learned it at a Language institute in my home country. Then, I had the opportunity to make post-graduate studies in the UK. But although I lived in Glasgow, Scotland for one year, I didn’t have enoughContinue reading "How being a non-native English speaker can actually help me when writing in English…"
  • Reading corners for booklovers
    Most of us will grab our books from the bedside table at night and will probably fall asleep after a few quick minutes. But how could we not? Our bed is so comfortable and our day routines leave us generally so tired that our sheets, blankets and everything else lull us into the land ofContinue reading "Reading corners for booklovers"
  • The good experiences that come with writers conferences…
    Well, I’m back from one of the most thrilling experiences in my life. For those who don’t know, I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Writers Digest Conference in NYC. It was certainly an opportunity you don’t get to live very often and I’m glad I was able to take a part in it.Continue reading "The good experiences that come with writers conferences…"
  • I’m doing because I’m a chicken
    Well, this time I’ve been lost like for ages, more than 2 or 3 weeks without blogging. Never have I missed blogging so much. But I have good reasons, but not new reasons (for those who’ve already read my posts), it was because of my manuscript (final revision, this time is the final one). It wasContinue reading "I’m doing because I’m a chicken"
  • There seems to be light in all futures…
    I believe all writers are filled with doubts; from am I really good for this? will I ever publish something? will people like what I wrote? should I insist on this path? Do I have what it takes to be a good writer? etc. I think almost all writers have gone through this stage at someContinue reading "There seems to be light in all futures…"
  • Writing fan fiction? cheer up!
    I have a feeling that fan fiction writing will never be taken seriously. I have a confession to make, I used to write fan fiction some time ago. And even though, I’m not looking forward to pursue that path (that doesn’t mean that I won’t do it again), I will always be very fond ofContinue reading "Writing fan fiction? cheer up!"
  • How to get your hand not to agree with you
    My whole life, or since I can remember, I’ve been invaded by Ganglion cysts in my wrists. Those are small liquid balls that appear in your wrists for no apparent reason but to disturb your life. They usually come and go, but some of them like to stick around causing pain. I’ve already got themContinue reading "How to get your hand not to agree with you"
  • How reading several books at the same time can mess up your sanity
    I’m reading four books at the same time right now, well according to my Goodreads account five, but one is about grammar, so it doesn’t really count as reading a book per se (more about studying/reviewing the book). I didn’t intend this situation to happen but got into this without thinking. Image source: I’m officiallyContinue reading "How reading several books at the same time can mess up your sanity"
  • Will I ever stop editing my book?
    After some brief vacations on the beach (some heavy burning and the realization that the beach may not be for me), I’ve started the second revision of my manuscript and realized that this one is also going to take me a while. I’ve started with chapter one and there were so many ways to improveContinue reading "Will I ever stop editing my book?"
  • Book review: On Writing: A memoir of the craft by Stephen King
    I must confess I really like listening to Audiobooks, not only because I can listen to something interesting while driving or riding the bus, but because when it’s well narrated, the voice can give it a very nice plus to the story. Now “On Writing” by Stephen King is a must on audio as wellContinue reading "Book review: On Writing: A memoir of the craft by Stephen King"
  • February is for slowing down…
    So February arrived, and I believe January has been one of the longest months ever! I started 2015 really well, with my goals set in mind all the time. I feel they are already so engraved in me right now, that it would take the end of the world to drag me away from them,Continue reading "February is for slowing down…"
  • Why I decided not to do a resolutions list for 2015
    I used to do a resolutions list every single 31st of December of every year. It always felt as if the beginning of the new year would bring the new opportunities, the new hopes, for the life of my dreams. My resolutions list for 2014 was different. It was not focused in the common wishes like losingContinue reading "Why I decided not to do a resolutions list for 2015"
  • Book review – The Art of Racing in the Rain
    A couple of months ago, when I started writing, I decided to do a little research on Points of View (POV). You see, when you write, the easiest Point of View to write in, is First Person (any other writers out there that find the opposite, would love to hear it in the comments). FirstContinue reading "Book review – The Art of Racing in the Rain"
  • Guest Post: Juni Desireé – fellow blogger and writer
    When you enter the blogging world, not only you start communicating with the people that follow your blog, but also you start following other blogs you start connecting with. In my blogger journey I had the chance to meet many wonderful people whose blogs I love to read, one of those persons is Juni Desireé,Continue reading "Guest Post: Juni Desireé – fellow blogger and writer"
  • Guest Post: Scarlett Van Dijk – A Writing Journey: Past, Present, and Future –
    Hello everyone. Carla Doria kindly asked me to hop over to her blog and let you know a little about myself and my writing. So, to start off, my name is Scarlett Van Dijk and I am a young Australian writer who writes mostly novels but also dabbles in short stories and poetry. I likeContinue reading "Guest Post: Scarlett Van Dijk – A Writing Journey: Past, Present, and Future –"
  • Winner of NaNoWriMo 2014 lets a heavy glass pot lid fall over her head…
    Sunday I declared myself winner of NaNoWriMo 2014 and to celebrate I let a heavy glass pot lid fall over my head. No, I’m not crazy, neither eccentric, it was just an accident. Very interesting way to celebrate it though, a huge bump in the head and an ice bag over my head. So peopleContinue reading "Winner of NaNoWriMo 2014 lets a heavy glass pot lid fall over her head…"
  • Struggling with a place where people don’t use Twitter…
    So the book I’m reading of how to build an author platform informs me that I should use Twitter, yep that very popular social network that works everywhere but in Bolivia, and I don’t mean that you can access the site here, but that people just don’t get it and hence don’t use it. ManyContinue reading "Struggling with a place where people don’t use Twitter…"
  • Why we all need feedback and why we should embrace it…
    I love feedback and with the time I´ve gotten more receptive of it. Many years ago, it would have been different. I would have taken it too harsh and felt discouraged. I think that´s sign of growing up and I embrace this idea. Since I began writing this year, I’ve felt insecure about my writing. Continue reading "Why we all need feedback and why we should embrace it…"
  • Hang in there November, NaNoWriMo is coming!
    NaNoWriMo???? I must be crazy. For those of you that don´t know about this, you can take a look here. But basically is the National Novel Writing Month, and any writer can register in this event. You just need to have the courage to do it and all the energy of the world. In orderContinue reading "Hang in there November, NaNoWriMo is coming!"
  • Writing helps me to be sane…
    This is a continuation from my last post (Once I forgot the typewriter, I forgot how to live) and final part (I promise): From those writing experiences and my relationship with my typewriter in my child years. I sadly left the writing world, and forgot about my dreams. Many years later, I started to payContinue reading "Writing helps me to be sane…"
  • Once I forgot the typewriter I forgot how to live…
    (This is a continuation of the previous post: How to make your kid an avid reader/writer) I still remember when I was little, no computer yet in my house (I got my first computer when I started University) but we used to have a typewriter (well, we still do, it´s there forgotten somewhere in aContinue reading "Once I forgot the typewriter I forgot how to live…"
  • How to make your kid an avid reader/writer
    I never post advice for parents, but I thought this title was actually the objective of this post. “This is your vacation homework.” my mom would say. When I was a kid, my mother used to prepare vacation homework for me. I was the only kid in the family and didn´t have many friends, soContinue reading "How to make your kid an avid reader/writer"
  • Sin título
    10 things you should know about loners We don´t care what people say We are tired of listening to people saying: “you should meet/date somebody …” We are masters of our own destiny since we are alone we don’t need to consult/ask for anybody’s opinion. We have plenty energy to do whatever dream/goal that comesContinue reading
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